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Shop Local - Supporting small businesses - getting the personal service

The last 3 months have been really strange, not least the awful implications of Covid-19, on both families, loved ones, friends, businesses and just about all of us.  For me personally, I decided to leave my part time job working in HR, and dedicate my time fully to CaLi Creations.  I have to admit to being very busy during the past few months especially as the caring people of Britain wanted to send our gifts to  loved ones in their hundreds, I have had some really lovely messages from people, its been so amazing, and I am so grateful for every single person that has ordered, continues to order and has shown me such loyalty during these unprecedented times. So what next?  As we look at the prospect of High Street Shopping and all that it brings with it, I know I personally, will continue to #shoplocal.  As a small business, I too have supported other small local businesses, and discovering bespoke items not available at the big chain stores has been somewhat of a revelation, and I now have the bug for shopping locally!!

As a local small business, CaLi Creations love bringing inspiring gifts to your doorstep …. quite literally!  With… dare I say it? – Christmas around the corner…. I have been getting my thinking cap on to bring you new and innovative gifts.. (I like to keep things fresh), whilst still bringing you our best sellers of the soap flowers, sparkly candles and our personalised frames.  With really cheap postal costs, you can send most of our products anywhere.  You may have noticed a distinct lack of the medium transporter vase bouquets (£20), this is because like most businesses, the effects of Covid have slowed down the supply chain and I have been unable to restock on the medium transporter vases.  I have lots of the large ones.  Do bear with us, as soon as they become available again I will let you know.

Meanwhile, do continue to shop locally and with small businesses, we need you, we appreciate you – and where else do you get service second to none!  Keep safe everybody and take care Dawn xx


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