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Soap flower drawer box


Remember unless you have selected an item to go inside the drawer, then the drawer will come empty


These fabulous drawer boxes with a handle, are just another new way in which we have displayed our soap flowers. Choose from an off White or Pink box, and just tell us what colour flowers you would like.

The drawer will come empty unless you choose any of our products to go inside.

Due to the space in the drawer, you can choose a combination of the following

Option A: 1 Ceramic dual purpose Tealight holder with Relaxation Tealight candle included


Option B: 1 Soap leaves compact (compact filled with soap leaves for washing your hands when there is no soap), handy to keep in your handbag, and a relaxing tealight candle


Option C: 1 Lip balm and 1 facemask


Option D: Back to Nature Scrunchie and a re-useable face cloth in either Hare or Leopard design


A sentiment Block

Additional information

What products would you like in the drawer?

Just the flower box on its own, drawer empty, Drawer filled with Soap leaves and Tealight candle, Drawer filled with Ceramic Tealight holder with tealight candle included, Drawer filled with one scrunchie and 1 matching re-useable facecloth, Drawer filled with 1 lip balm and 1 facemask, Drawer filled with A sentiment block