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Natural Lip Balms (Vegan Friendly)


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The tiny Natural Lip Balms are perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful vegan beauty product. High-quality fragrance oils have been combined with nourishing shea butter, moisturizing cocoa butter, softening jojoba oil, avocado butter and mango butter to keep lips soft and smooth all the time.

Balms do not contain parabens, petroleum jelly, plastic, phthalates and artificial dyes. They are packed in small metal jars and elegant cardboard boxes, making them perfect as a gift. Handmade in Yorkshire.

HOW TO USE: Gently rub the balm on the lips to moisturize them and prevent chapping.

Beyond its heavenly fragrance, our natural lip balm delivers exceptional performance. It creates a protective shield, sealing in precious moisture and safeguarding against external elements. Embrace the allure of soft, supple, and beautifully nourished lips that will captivate you throughout the day.

Coconut – Enveloped in the irresistible aroma of coconut, this lip balm presents an enchanting sensory journey. You will relish the tropical scent and silky texture that caresses your lips, evoking visions of idyllic beach escapes with every application.

Grapefruit – Our Lip Balm – Grapefruit comes in packaging that exudes the same vibrant energy as the flavour itself, capturing the very essence of this citrus fruit, with its hydration properties and the delightful zest of grapefruit, this makes for a truly refreshing experience.