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Sensory Retreat: Self Heating Eyemask




These fantastic products are now stocked here at CaLi Creation.

In 2 different styles… Divine Eyes or Luna Eyes, both offer gentle heat, aromatherapy scents and blackout properties. Blocks our light for restorative rest and relaxation no matter where you are. Use our eye masks in bed, on the plane, during a yoga class or for meditation.

They were highly commended in the ASOS Beauty awards in 2022.

With a relaxing sensation, where tension magically melts away as tired and strained eyes are invited on a sensory sleep experience, to help you drift off into a relaxing slumber. Both Can be worn all night, with its cosy compress, that gently hugs the eyes

Both masks can help with headaches, stress and tension to calm and reset an overactive mind and are suitable for Vegans, and can be worn all night if desired.

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Luna Eyes, Divine Eyes