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Your little box of Joy


If you click on each product in the description list within the main body, it will show you your choices within that product. eg, if you click on the candles , it will take you to the candle section so you can choose precisely which one you want. Once you have made your choices and added them to the basket (don’t forget to add your empty box), then once you get to the next screen, there is a notes field that you can list your colours and fragrances of each product. Don’t worry if you don’t do this- we will message you to confirm your choices.


Your little box of joy is about creating the right gift for your recipient to your budget.

Just add any of our carefully selected products below, and we will create your very own box of joy, with a content card for your recipient to see what they have got, all encapsulated in shred and covered in tissue with a sealing sticker. You can make it as little or as much as you like.

We do recommend for presentation purposes and for the box to look its best, that you add at least 4 products to the box.

Remember to add the empty box to your basket – you can then add any of the following (click each link to see the full range of that particular product)

A Rose soap trio – Flowers in a heart shaped box (add the petals to your bath
A Soap Leaves Compact – For when there is no soap, just use with water, ideal to keep in your bag or office drawer
Lip Balm – Keeps lips soft and hydrated
Sentiment dual purpose candle holder for either dinner candle or a tealight (Relaxation Tealight included)
Jar of bath fizzers
Whipped soap
Luxurious face mask
Luxurious self heating eye mask
Sparkly highly scented candle
Sentiment block
Bath time Bath bomb
Shower Steamer – just add to the base of your shower for an aromatic showering experience
Boxed bath bomb with himmalayan salts and petals
The best of Nature Sleep eye mask
The best of Nature re-useable facecloth
The best of Nature Makeup pouch
Best of Nature Scrunchie

We have also created some already filled boxes below

Just for You Box of Joy – contains Sentiment block, face mask, Soap Leaves Compact, Rose Soap Trio

Relaxing Box of Joy – Contains, 2 shower steamers, 1 whipped soap, 1 Rose soap trio, 1 Boxed bath bomb with himmalayan salts and petals, 1 soap leaves compact, 1 heated eye mask and 1 Heart of Gold bath bomb

Beauty Box of Joy – Contains 1 Leopard cosmetic pouch, 1 Leopard scrunchie, 1 Leopard re-useable face cloth, 1 jar of Bergamot and Lavender bath fizzers, 1 rose soap trio, 1 self heating eye mask

Special friend box of Joy – Contains 1 hedgehog cosmetic pouch, 1 hedgehog sleep mask, 1 hedgehog scrunchie and a special friend sparkly candle in classic cotton fragrance

Sparkle Box of Joy – Contains 1 Sentiment candle with Relaxation tealight, 1 Hare cosmetic pouch, 1 Hare re-useable face cloth and 1 rose soap trio

Additional information

Select your box first and then begin to add your products

Empty Box of Joy, Rose Soap Trio, Soap Leaves Compact, Lip Balm, Sentiment Candle Holder, Jar Bath Fizzers, Whipped Soap, Luxurious Face Mask, Self Heating Eye Mask, Sparkly candle, Sentiment Block, Bath Bomb, Boxed Bath bomb with Himmalyan salts and petals, Shower Steamer, Best of Nature Sleep mask, Best of Nature Re-useable Face Cloth, Best of Nature Hair Scrunchie, Best of Nature Make up Pouch, Just for you pre filled Box of Joy, Special Friend pre filled box of Joy, Relaxing pre filled Box of Joy, Sparkle pre filled Box of Joy, Beauty pre filled Box of Joy