• 4 stem posey with 1 peonie
  • purple.
  • 2 posies
  • purple in flowers
  • red and orange and yellow
  • A1 Peonie and 4 stems
  • A2 Peonie and 4 stems
  • A4 3 stem posie
  • violet purple soap flower posey
  • blue and white soap flower posey close up
  • Greens and purpes
  • purply collage
  • 20200617_172536
  • 12 stem posey
  • 20200927_141738
  • bliue and lilac
  • orange and peach
  • violet and lavender 3 stem posey
  • red 3 stem posey
  • orange 3 stem posey
  • close up blue posey
  • close up pink posey
  • 8 stem brights 2
  • 3 stem sunflower and oranges
  • blues and white
  • 3 stem posey with sunflower
  • 3 stem purple and green
  • Green and pink
  • mix of brights
  • black and orange

Soap Flower Posey – No Box or Bag …. for Collection or local delivery only



These gorgeous posies of standard stems and peonies (with no flower bag or box) are for collection only. You can choose as few or as many as you like to be made into a posey. Just add more stems using the drop down box. If you wish to have them  posted please go to the boxed posies tab.  If you want the flower bag, please go to the flower bag tab.

This is a really original alternative to giving fresh flowers… your friends/family won’t believe they are soap, and unlike fresh flowers that won’t last – these beautiful petals will keep for weeks and weeks until you are ready to use them by simply sprinkling a few petals into your bath and watch as they dissolve before your very eyes!

When ordering please bear in mind that the soap flower bouquets and posies are individually made, and therefore may differ slightly from pictures shown based on product availability.

The leaves and foliage are not soap.

The posies come in a plain white paper bag with handles.

When ordering please state

  • what colours you would like



Additional information

Tell us what size posey you would like (remember to add extra stems if you want it bigger)

Additional standard stem, Rainbow rose, Additional Peonie, 3 standard stem in a posey, 8 standard stems in a posey, 12 standard stems in a posey, 12 standard stems plus one peonie, 5 standard Stems, 4 standard stems and one peonie, 8 standard stems plus one peonie


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